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Participant Judging

Judging will be based on standards and official forms set by the Western Manitoba Science Fair Committee to ensure all projects are assessed critically and fairly. All projects are judged based on the four criteria detailed on the Judging Forms included at the end of this guide. These criteria are Scientific Thought and Understanding, Originality and Creativity, Communication, and Mentorship. To get a full understanding of what the judges will be looking for, students, teachers, parents and mentors should read the Judging Booklet on our website
Regular awards (gold, silver, and bronze medals) are assigned by the judges to the best eligible projects on the basis of ranking projects relative to others in the same level at the Western Manitoba Science Fair. 
Special Awards, or Self-Nominated Awards are only open to projects within specific scientific focus areas. Entrants must have selected the awards that their project may be eligible for on the self-nominated awards list and submitted it with their Official Entry Form. These awards are for outstanding projects that meet specific criteria within a particular aspect of science and often reflect the special interests and criteria of the sponsoring foundations, companies and professional associations. 

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