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Thank you to our 2024 Sponsors!

If you would like to become a sponsor please click here for options






The Davis Family


Shur-Gro Farm Services Ltd.
Super Thrifty Drugs Canada Ltd.
Pat Bowslaugh
Brandon Islamic Centre
Manitoba Association of Home Economists
Samson E
Paddock Drilling
Dr. Annamarie Carlson
Prairie West Academy
Rotary Club of Brandon Sunset
Andrews Foot Clinic
E&J Live Bait
Leech Group



Brandon Chamber of Commerce
Charlee McLaughlin Bender
Brandon Fire & Emergency Services
Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba
Flatland Drugs
Sanofi Biogenius Canada


Sponsorship and Donation Options

Sponsor Options

Each year our fair is funded by sponsorships and donations. Every dollar that we receive goes toward running our annual fair and sending our finalists on to the Canada Wide Science Fair. If you would like become a sponsor of Western Manitoba Science Fair we would like to hear from you! We are always open to new sponsorship ideas! Here are a few examples of how others have supported the Western Manitoba Science Fair:


Corporate Sponsorship

Make a Donation


All donations are very much appreciated and put to good use! Any donation over $25 is eligible for a charitable tax receipt. You can donate online through the paypal link below, or mail to/drop off at: 637 10th Street, Brandon, MB, R7A 4G6. Cheques can be made payable to Western Manitoba Science Fair. If you are a business wanting to make a donation, please check out the Sponsorship options. 

Special Award Sponsor

Special Award Sponsor

Special Awards are a group of awards with specific criteria, that science fair participants with eligible projects fitting this criteria, can compete for.  As a special award sponsor, you can choose your award criteria and award amount. For example: "The Healthy Lake Committee Award - Awarded to the project that best demonstrates the enhancement or acceleration of a natural process or processes to aid in environmental repair/recovery or augmentation of a watershed. One $100 award for grades 1-6, and one $100 award for grades 7-12." Current special awards range in value from $100 to $500. Since the value of the award is given out to the winning fair participants, we ask that Special Award sponsors also make a donation to the WMSF.  


We can help you customize your Special Award! Contact us for more info. 

Buy a Program Ad

Program Ad

We hand out 500 printed programs at our award ceremonies at the Fair. The program contains a schedule for the award ceremony, all of the fair participants' names, a list of the Special Awards, and information and statistics on the Western Manitoba Science Fair. We have a couple of advertisement options: 

  • Center page ad: a minimum 1.5" x 2.5" ad in the center page of the program - $300 (5 spots)

  • Back page ad: a minimum 4.5 " x 6.5" ad on the full back page of the program - $500 (1 spot)

T-Shirt Sponsor

T-shirt sponsor

A WMSF t-shirt is given to each science fair entrant on fair day. The t-shirt has nine ad spots on the front of the t-shirt, at $350 per spot, and one ad spot on the back of the t-shirt at $650 (currently filled). These spots go fast, so if you are interested please contact us! 

Science Olympics Sponsor

science olympics sponsor

The Science Olympics is a competition held at the fair to promote scientific thinking. Participants are given a scientific challenge; for example, build the tallest tower using 1 newspaper and 1 meter of tape. The winners receive a small prize. This event takes place after lunch and is usually about one hour long. All of the fair participants are welcome to take part. 


We are always looking for new ideas for Science Olympics! As a Science Olympics Sponsor you could make a donation to go toward the supplies and prizes, or donate prizes in-kind. Currently we have a few of our committee volunteers running this mini-event, however we are open to a separate group coming in and organizing/running Science Olympics on their own. 

This is a very flexible sponsorship option, and we would like to work with you to come up with a suitable plan for Science Olympics Sponsor! 

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