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Rayna Shepherd

Project Title: Energy Drink Effects on Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

Energy drinks are consumed by many young people. They are available everywhere with very few regulations. I wondered if there were any health risks associated with energy drink consumption. I decided to study what effect "Rockstar" energy drink might have on blood pressure and heart rate. More research could be done in this area to provide greater awareness of potential health risks.


My name is Rayna Shepherd. I am a Grade 7 student at Kirckaldy Heights School in Brandon, Manitoba, where I live with my parents, my older sister, and my dog, Harley. I enjoy participating in multiple sports. I am currently a middle distance runner with a track club called Prairie Storm Athletics. I have run Cross Country and track with my school for a few years. During the winter, I play ringette for the Brandon Blizzards. I am a forward and I've loved playing ringette for the past six years. We recently won the Silver Medal in Provincials. I enjoy downhill skiing on family vacations, and have been doing that for about 9 years. I am a doubles player on my school badminton team. I am interested in the medical field, as I would like to become a Dietician. I plan on going to Vincent Massey High School. My project idea was inspired by my sister. She's a teenager, and she told me stories about some teens drinking a lot of energy drinks! I look up to my sister in many ways. I am very excited about the opportunity to attend the Canada Wide Science Fair in Fredericton this year.


Q:  What has been your favourite activity (or activities) at the Canada Wide Science Fair this week?

A.  I really enjoyed “Camp CWSF” because you get to see everyone’s talents besides there scientific abilities, and you get to see your peers from a different perspective.

Q.  What did you learn from your experience at the CWSF?

A.  I learned that science is a very broad topic, and I got to see what everyone chose to do with the words “science fair.” It was incredible to see everyone’s projects, and many people’s projects included concepts that I didn’t even knew existed.

Q. What do you think will be your favourite memory from the CWSF when you look back?

A.  I would remember all of the friends that I have met at the CWSF. I met people from all across Canada who came to share their love and passion for science.

Q. What advice or recommendations would you give to a future CWSF participant before they went to the fair? 

A.  To remember that it can be scary at first but don’t psych yourself out. Enjoy the experience while you’re at it.

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