Western Manitoba Science Fair

637 10th Street, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

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WMSF Objectives and Aims

  • To develop a respect for and an understanding of humanity's quest for knowledge. To encourage natural curiosity. To provide a basis for creativity.

  • To develop in students an understanding of the necessity for organization, planning and experimentation in research. To encourage independent thinking. To develop mechanical skills.

  • To expose students to and acquaint them with the use of scientific methods through practical application.

  • To provide an opportunity for self-expression. To emphasize the necessity of having and developing the ability to communicate ideas.

  • To aid in channeling students into worthwhile science endeavors. To provide stimulation for scientific hobby pursuits. To meet the needs of talented students.

  • To offer an opportunity for students to consult and work with specialists in science fields in the community and elsewhere. To provide constructive suggestions for teachers and pupils of science.

  • To serve as a showcase for scientific talent. To report to parents and the community about one phase of the academic performance of students and thereby stimulate a greater interest in science by all.

  • To encourage teachers of Western Manitoba to view science fairs, projects and displays as an integral part of their science program. 

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