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Western Manitoba Science Fair

Online Showcase 2020 Registration

The online showcase is the Western Manitoba Science Fair’s response to the cancellation of the 2020 WMSF due to COVID-19. Students, we know how much work you put into your science fair projects this year, and we wanted to give you an opportunity to be able to display them for your friends, family and the community! This showcase is open to any students in grade 1-12 in Southwestern Manitoba who did a science fair project this year. You do not have to enter through a teacher or school, you can do this on your own! 

Please note that while we will have volunteer judges view the projects online and provide feedback, we will not be ranking the projects or awarding medals. Instead, we want you to use this as an opportunity to take this feedback and improve/ build on your project and bring it to the 2021 WMSF if you choose!

Please read this document carefully in full BEFORE you begin the online registration process!

This document contains all of the information you need to prepare your science fair project submission and register for the WMSF Online Showcase. As you read through the instructions please keep in mind that your goal should be to present your project in the best way possible to you; for example, if you aren’t able to create a video or a slideshow etc, that’s OK! Just get creative and do the best you can with the technology you have available to you. 

When you register you will be able to choose whether or not you want your project to be displayed on our website and facebook page for the public to see. If not, you will still receive feedback from the judges for your project. 

Step 1: Prepare and create your science fair project submission

Your project submission should be made up of two parts; a presentation, and back-up documents. You will be able to upload multiple files when you register online. 

1. Presentation – This is you presenting your project as if you were at the science fair! Your presentation can be 5 minutes maximum. Be sure to mention your Project Title in your presentation. Use your imagination for this! Some options may include: 

  • A video of you presenting your project 

  • An audio recording of you presenting your project

  • A slideshow or Powerpoint of your project accompanied by your audio presentation


Please note: if you did a Group project (two people) and you can’t get together due to physical distancing guidelines you will have to get creative!

2. Back-up Documents – These are an important part of your project submission! Make sure your Project Title is on any typed or written documents. Your back-up documents can include:

  • A typed summary of your project presentation 

  • Pictures of your backboard or parts of your experiment/project

  • The data you compiled during your project, if applicable

  • A project report, if applicable

  • Anything else you think you should include


TIPS for when you are preparing your project submission:

  • Be sure to mention your PROJECT TITLE both in your presentation, and on your summary/report etc. If you’re doing a video, make sure the lighting is good and background noise is minimal. 

  • If you’re doing video or audio, speak clearly and not too fast; pretend you are presenting directly to the judges

  • Take the time to edit your back up documents and make them look nice; these will be displayed to the public on our website (if you choose to make your project submission public). 

  • Be creative…really make it your own! 

  • Please remember that once you upload your files and submit your online registration, you won’t be able to make changes to your presentation. So make sure you are happy with your files before you proceed to Step 2, registration. 


Step 2: Register online 

Have this instruction document handy while you are registering. 

Once you have all of your files ready from Step 1, you are ready to register online.

Enter all information into the online registration form. Uploading a profile picture is optional (but encouraged!). Please note that you MUST have your parent/guardian’s permission to register for the online showcase. Your parent/guardian will receive an email that you have registered. 

You have the option of saving your registration and coming back later, however once you do click SUBMIT, you won’t be able to make changes, so double check that you’ve entered all of your information, especially your name(s) and Project Title correctly. 

Once you have submitted your registration, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to WeTransfer where you will upload your project files. Please note that if you are in a Group project, one of you will be the one to register the project. The student entered first will be the one to receive the email confirmation and will upload the project files. 

Once you receive your confirmation email and click on the WeTransfer link you will then add your presentation files and your back up document files. IMPORTANT during this step: 

  • In the ‘message’ box enter your PROJECT TITLE before hitting send. 

  • The email address you will enter to send it to is

  • Send all of your files in one transfer if possible.

  • If you have an app on your phone/device to compress your video file the uploading process will be much faster for you. This isn’t mandatory though. 


The deadline for registration is May 15th. Email us at if you need an extension.


Your feedback will be sent to the email address you use when you register. 


Special Note for grades 7-12: Canada Wide Science Fair will also be holding the YSC Online STEM Fair in May. Any grade 7-12 student in Canada will be able to enter their project. Registration for this is open until May 18th. YSC Online STEM Fair will provide participants with feedback, opportunities for mentorship, as well as virtual recognition for outstanding projects.  We encourage grades 7-12 students to enter both the WMSF Online Showcase, and the YSC Online STEM Fair. Please go to for more info and to enter the YSC Online STEM Fair. 

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