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an unforgettable experience

Our top four Western Manitoba Science Fair finalists are in Ottawa, ON for the Canada Wide Science Fair May 26-31, 2024. Check out pictures, project details, interviews, and all things CWSF below!! 

You can visit the fair virtually here!

What's the scoop? 

The top grades 7-12 projects from the Western Manitoba Science Fair have moved on to represent Western Manitoba at the Canada Wide Science Fair in Ottawa, ON from May 26-31, 2024 at Carleton University. The Canada Wide Science Fair is the largest youth oriented STEM event in Canada, and Ottawa welcomed 400 brilliant young minds this week from across the country, giving finalists an opportunity to compete for cash prizes, scholarships, and special awards that may very well shape their futures. In addition, they have participated in a variety of STEM based activities and workshops, as well as had the opportunity to explore the area and get up close and personal with the many cultural, social, scientific, and other activities that the Ottawa area has to offer. 

Introducing...the WMSF region participants! 

Click on each participant's link to learn more...

Participants 2024

Abereham Moges

View all pictures HERE

Fun times at CWSF! 

Aside from presenting their STEM projects to the CWSF judges, here are some of the activities for participants at the 2024 Canada Wide Science Fair. Early in the week, the focus for the finalists is on scientific, social and cultural program activities. During the last couple days of the Fair, finalists will not only share their projects with thousands of visiting students, teachers and the public, but they will also have an opportunity to explore the STEM Expo. The award ceremony is on Thursday at 6:00 PM CST (livestreamed HERE).

A Night at the Canadian Museum of Nature
Finalists will enjoy a fun night out at the Canadian Museum of Nature! The Canadian Museum of Nature is an educational and scientific institution, as well as a popular, downtown-Ottawa tourist attraction—housed in a historic castle-like building. As the national natural-history museum for Canada, it is a vibrant, multi-layered, multi-faceted organization composed of world-renowned research scientists, collection specialists, education and multimedia specialists, and innovative museum professionals. Invitations have been extended to the Parliamentarians to join the CWSF finalists! 

Carleton University Lab Experiences
Each finalist is assigned two lab experiences based on their preferences. Experiences include: Earth Sciences Investigations, Motion Capture, Industrial Design Model Making, General Engineering, Software Engineering and Mechatronics, Physical Geography and Geomatics, Brain Connections, MICROBITS, and more! 

Guided Bus Tour - Highlights of Ottawa
Get ready to see some of the best spots in Ottawa! On this tour finalists will: spend some time at the War Museum, have lunch and a show at the RCMP Stables, and take a guided bus tour where they will learn more about Ottawa and be able to hop off at a few stops! 

CWSF has Talent!

Everyone will cheer on their fellow Finalists as they share their many talents! 

The STEM Expo will be Canada's largest youth science, technology, engineering and mathematics outreach and promotion event and will run concurrently with the CWSF Thursday and Friday. Exhibitors will include government agencies, universities and colleges, private companies from various industries, outreach and education programs, museums and youth groups. The Expo is focused on offering engaging, hands-on activities, inspiring presentations and exciting demonstrations to all our visitors to showcase the opportunities that exist in STEM.

School and Public Viewing
Finalists will have the opportunity to present their projects to visiting school groups, members of the community, sponsors, and supporters. 

Farewell Celebration & Dance
Finalists will enjoy an evening of fun as the celebrate a great week at CWSF 2024! 

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