Participant Project Size and Safety Regulations

Maximum dimensions for projects, including backboards, are 0.8 metres from front to back, 1.2 metres from side to side, 2.0 metres high. No oversized projects will be accepted for entry unless it has been given approval in advance by the Western Manitoba Science Fair Committee. An approved oversized project is to have a backboard that does not exceed regulation size.

  • Exhibits should be durable, with moving parts securely fastened and safe. Self-supporting backboards and extension cords are to be furnished by the exhibitors. Paper on backboards should be securely applied so there are minimal air pockets behind the paper. Overlapping or loose sheets of paper should be stored in a data book.

  • Local fire regulations must be followed. No flammable liquids, compressed gas cylinders or open flames may be used.

  • Dangerous chemicals may not be exhibited. Simulations may be used for display purposes.

  • All extension cords and 110 volt alternating current apparatus must be CSA –approved. No exposed live parts over 36 volts are allowed. Current (amperage) must be low so as not to cause any discomfort or danger if touched. Wet cells are not allowed because of the hazardous chemicals involved.

  • No firearms or ammunition are allowed at the fair. Experiments using firearms must be carried out in accordance with federal and provincial legislation.

  • Lasers, radioisotopes and x-ray or radiation producing apparatus may not be displayed. High voltage apparatus capable of generating in excess of 10kV is considered an x-ray hazard.

  • Biological hazards, including live cultured bacteria, cells and tissues, or any material which may decompose are suitable for research under controlled laboratory conditions, but may not be displayed at the fair. Simulations (must be labeled ‘simulated’) or pictures may be displayed. Live plants can not be brought to the fair. Example: Displaying pictures of plant growth cycle is proper; bringing the actual plants is not allowed.

  • Living vertebrate animals are not to be used in experiments for the Western Manitoba Science Fair with the following exceptions: observations of normal living patterns of wild animals in the free living state or in zoological parks, gardens or aquaria, and observation of pets, fish or domestic animals. No live animals, mounted specimens or animal parts may be displayed at the fair.